• What is Pin-Up Partners affiliate program?
    Pin-Up Partners – an affiliate program of Pin-Up products - Casino and Sportsbook. Once registered, you will be able to easily start off with converting your traffic! The products are united by our platform, so no matter if you lead comes by Casino link, or Sportsbook one - all conversions counts!
  • Which traffic sources are accepted?
    We accept nearly every single type of traffic, except those violating the legislation. It is forbidden to use images / photographs of politicians and political topics in advertising materials. However, all kinds of motivated, tipsters and paid-to-click traffic are only accepted via our Revenue Share payment model. Please contact your personal manager for any additional info!
  • Which GEOs do we work with?
    Depending upon the players GEO, our system provides special CPA and Hybrid rates. Full list of such can be requested from your personal manager. Our products are fully localized in English, German, Turkish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian and Ukrainian languages.
  • What are the CPA/Revenue Share/Hybrid payment models?
    Payment model – is a special system of affiliate income rates. Currently, we have these payment models available:

    CPA (cost per action) – payment for the player’s First Deposits.

    Revenue Share – payment calculated from the total income generated by your players, represented as a % of player’s total losses.

    The full formula is:
    Partner Profit = ((SUMbet - SUMwin)-(SUMbet - SUMwin)*0,1(1)-SUM deposit*0,1(2))xRsRate.
    SUMbet - total amount of bets.
    SUMwin - total amount of winnings.
    SUMdep - total amount of deposits.
    10%(1) - percentage of deductions to the game providers.
    10%(2) - percentage of deductions to the payment systems.
    Rs - given revenue share %.

    Hybrid – payment consists of the both CPA and Revenue Share models. At first, Affiliate receives a fixed CPA income and once such sum is paid off by the player, a special Revenue Share model becomes activated, depending on the player’s origin.
  • What traffic KPI’s do we rely on?
    CPA KPI’s:
    1) Second deposit – 100% for the “Apps” traffic (two-weeks measurement)
    2) X3 wager requirement

    RevShare – No KPI’s

    Hybrid KPI’s:
    1) 30 FD+ Daily
    2) Second deposit – 100% for the “Apps” traffic (two-weeks measurement)
    3) X3 wager requirement
  • How often do we pay?
    The payments are processed twice per month, for which the statistics are calculated from the 1st to 15th day and from the 16th to 30th (31st) day of each month.
    The pay-outs are made within 3 working-days after each payment period.
  • How does the player registered in both of the Pin-Up products get counted in my statistics?
    Your players will have the same login details for both Products. The Product for users has a unique internal game currency-Pincoins, which can be exchanged for many bonuses.
  • What is the Referral program?
    Our referral program is another possibility for earning an additional income! Recommend to join our affiliate program and get 3% from every income earned by your referrals!
  • The difference between the dynamic tariff RS+ and the base tariff RS?
    • maximum % rate

      50% casino/ 40% bet

      single % rate for casino and bet

    • payout period

      1 calendar month

      once a week

    • hold players with negative balance

      players with balance of $ 100 or less are paused, subject to a total negative income for the reporting period and the total result of the negative reporting period becomes 0.

      A player placed in the hold due to a negative value will be automatically taken into account when it will exit from negative balance.

      players with negative income saved

    • KPI availability

      the %rate is automatically determined depending on the number of active players


      35% of RS, provided less than 500 AP / month

      40% of RS, provided from 500 AP/ month

      45% of RS, provided from 750 AP / month

      50% of RS, provided from 1000 AP / month


      30% of RS under conditions of less than 200 AP / month in total

      35% of RS, provided less than 500 ARP/ month in total

      40% of RS, provided from 500 AP / month in total


    • starting % rate

      when connecting the tariff for the first month, your rate will be:

      casino: 45%

      bet: 40%

      40% - single flat rate for casino and bet